Beyond The Wall 22: With Helicopter Mom

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In this episode, Beto & Tercio have the delight of speaking to this week's guests, namely the two fine, wholesome dames known as Rachel & Julia, a.k.a. Helicopter Mom 🚁👩. Also, from now on, Mr. Nugent, a.k.a. the mastermind behind #spoal, shall join our shoah as a member of the Taco Stand, a #HonorarySpic, that is.

Julia shares with us her insights regarding traditional, Western, Christian femininity in the modern world. She mentions how, having decided to team up with Rachel on a whim, she ended up finding a supportive and dear friend with whomstd've to spread the message of how wholesome family roles are the pillar of a healthy society to lasses and ladies in the Alt right. Some of the topics they discuss include advice on being a righteous wife, daughter and even grandmother, along with some tips on child rearing, ranging from life choices such as homeschooling to the joys of the inter generational household.

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