Beyond The Wall 26: Chateau Autiste Futurism

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Some of you are alright. Don't listen to this episode.

We'll be back to normal next week. However, In this episode we go back to our roots, to the very humble beginnings of this shit show we dare call a podcast and we got in touch with Toastergoy a.k.a. the Gringo Autiste from our very first episode. We get up to speed with our dear friend. Also, we got Scrungo back... the very same day he got married to his 3D waifu, so we got to speak to both husband and wife...on their wedding night.

So buckle up for a bumpy ride since this is going to be a sperg-out of a show.

In the Taco Stand we have: Cavernario, Tercio and Paul; Special Guests: Toastergoy, Scrungo Scrungo and Scrungo's waifu.

Be sure to check out Toastergoy's podcast Sons of Tay.

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