Beyond The Wall 32: Africa vs Latin America

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The "third world" is not all the same and in this episode we have Pastor Jean Lannes join us to determine who gets to be champion of the third world: Africa or Spanish America. Pastor Jean served as a missionary in several African countries and shares some of the most hilariously pathetic stories we have ever had on the show, as well as some redpills like Africans are actually very well fed and not starving at all. We end on a more serious note talking about why there seems to be so much ignorance in the Anglo world about the Spanish world and vice versa.

In the Taco Stand we have: Paul, Beto and Tercio; special guest: Pastor Jean Lannes.

List of African pop songs provided by Pastor Jean:

Pat Shange - I'm Accused
Caiphus Semenya - Angelina
Pat Shange - I'm not a Cassanova
Sipho 'Hotstix Mabuse - Burnout
Chicco - I Need Some Money
I Go Chop Your Dollar - Nkem Owoh
Sipho Hotstix Mabuse-Shikisha
Joe Mafela - Shebelesa

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