Beyond The Wall 45: With Gunther Fuchs

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Editors Note: Our guest requested to edit out some portions of the original recording due to legal issues. Because of this, at times the conversation seems to be broken up and segmented in different parts. Also half-way into the recording, Tercio unfortunately dropped out of the podcast. Thank you for your understanding.

In this episode we have the pleasure of talking with Gunther for a second time. In this occasion we talk about Charlottesville, his involvement with TWP, Christianity, Guns and gun culture in America and other parts of the world, how Mexicans view Germans, and Germanic enclaves in Mexico and the rest of Spanish America.

In the taco stand we have: Blake, Cavernario, Tercio and Paul; special guest: Gunther Fuchs.

Intro Music: Agnes by J. Stephen Roberts
Outro Music: Templar by J. Stephen Roberts

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